Where have all the manners gone?


I really don’t think this is a matter of my age, but when did we lose any sense of manners and decency in this country?

That’s somewhat rhetorical, but work with me.

We’ve seen the ugliness that followed the George Zimmerman trial.  We saw the video of the grandmother who was just trying to get her sick grandson to the hospital but was stopped by a group of “peaceful” protesters.

Now we read that in Florida waiters aren’t getting tips for their service because of…yes…the Zimmerman verdict. [Gateway Pundit]

A mainstream journalist is called a “clueless c**t” because she believes in the creation. [The Blaze]

The recent debate over pro-life legislation in Texas brought out some pretty nasty signs.

I’m not really on some big manners kick.  I know our society has gone to hell.  But a little incident this morning got me to think about this.

I had just finished negotiating a second mortgage to pay for a tank of gas in the truck.  While I was pumping gas at the local Wawa I thought to myself that the music was awfully loud.  Much more so than usual.

It didn’t bother me.  I just thought it odd that Wawa was playing rap music at that volume.

Then I heard it…something, something…”mother f***er.”

From Wawa?

I contemplated going in to say something to the manager. Then I wondered whether it actually was coming from inside the store.

A young man at the next pump was filling up. I though perhaps that it could be his music.  As he was leaning into his vehicle for something I noticed the nice print on his boxers and the belt below his butt cheeks.

Still, I wasn’t sure it was his until he began to drive away.

That’s when I heard the words “fresh p***y.”

He saw me looking.  I saw the scowl.

Look, I’m not judging his type of music.  Okay, his music sucks, but that’s not the point.

He did not have to have the music at that volume, blasting those lyrics to be able to hear it.  It was 4,000 degrees out already and he had his windows down and sun roof open.

He wanted people to hear the music.  He wanted me to hear the music.

Some sort of statement? I don’t know.

Was he compensating for something, if you get my drift?  If nothing else maybe for the fact that he was driving a purple P.T. Cruiser?

Maybe I am old, but I miss a more polite society.

No!  Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!  I am not advocating going back to the 1950s.

But a little more respect would be a good thing.  We can be diverse without being obnoxious.  And for the record, it could just as easily have been a good ol’ boy in a jacked-up pickup with his music blaring.

I can’t fix society.  Heck, I didn’t even win the “take your hat off inside” argument.

Maybe next time I’ll just turn my hearing aid down.

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