And on the 366th day…he rested…


And on the 366th day…he rested…

Yesterday’s post was the final act for my 365 Things I Believe project.

I began this journey three years ago on a blog of the same name. The archives are still there: 365 Things I Believe.

At the outset, I thought “this will be easy” I can make 365 statements of things I consider to be true. But, writing is hard, and original ideas often harder. So I ended up posting a lot of quotes. Still, I think it was a worthwhile project.

Then, last June I had the brilliant idea to repost the entire series here with custom graphics for each day. I developed a basic pattern and got to work. Initially I told my readers that I would be turning this all into a book. I gave up on that concept, but I did finish a year of reposts and graphics. They are all available on multiple products at Cafe Press.

Some of the days, I rewrote because they either no longer made sense for that particular day as the calendar had shifted. But more often than not, I redid images and quote because of several roungs of copyright discussions with Cafe Press. Sometimes I wouldn’t find out until later that products were pulled and that images were pending. The reason most often given was not that there was a problem with the image, or a problem with the quote. Instead the name of the actual person giving the quote was copyrighted, or anything they had said was copyrighted. I had no problem pulling the post (okay, I rolled my eyes on several occasions). I did have a problem with the hoops I had to jump through to figure out why a particular design was a problem. But, that’s all done now.

This has been a long, and sometimes laborious, journey. I think I was more excited when I began. But some days and weeks were particularly difficult to make sure that I had the image done, the CafePress site updated and the blog post done. Still, it’s done. It’s here.

A couple of weeks ago when I realized I was nearing the end, I had a fleeting thought about a new project.

Sanity prevailed. At least for now.

Still, I’d love to see these in book form. Or perhaps hang a few on my own wall.

But for now, I believe…I’m done.

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