Less Dunkin Donuts, more coffee drinks?

What marketing genius came up with this idea?

Dunkin Donuts menu is changing again. Dunkin Donuts will have less to dunk but more to dunk in as it revamps itself into more of a beverage company as it competes with the trendy and expensive Starbucks chain. Dunkin Donuts will roll out a national media campaign that focuses on Dunkin Donuts drinks instead of its food offerings.

via Dunkin Donuts Menu Will Have Less Donuts, More Drinks As It Moves West To Challenge Starbucks | KpopStarz.

Look, I’m trying to live a reduced sugar life anyway.  Some days/weeks I do better than others.  And the reality is on those days and weeks that aren’t going so well if I’m going out for donuts I’m partial to the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign at Krispy Kreme.

But seriously, Dunkin Donuts is going to sell/market/stock fewer donuts?

At least we know where the guy who created “New Coke” is working now.

Dear Dunkin Donuts, let’s be clear.  The only reason I would EVER darken your door is for donuts.  Not coffee. Not blended coffee drinks.

And, to be frank, at your location nearest my house I’m not overly fond of the surly employees and already very, very, very limited selection.

Get a grip, people.  You can’t out-coffee Starbucks.

It was nice knowing you.

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