People We Love: Barbara Hale

Barbara Hale, Born April 18, 1922 (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Barbara Hale, Born April 18, 1922 (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Best known as Perry Mason’s legal secretary Della Street, actress Barbara Hale was born on this day in 1922.

She appeared in more than 250 episodes of Perry Mason and later reprised the role in 30 made-for-TV movies.

Barbara Hale’s first big film appearance was alongside Frank Sinatra in “Higher and Higher” in 1944. She appeared in several more films.

Hale was offered the role of Della Street in 1956. She said in 1992:

“And finally… after a few years, I heard about this show that was going to be done. In fact, I was asked to read the script, which was the Perry Mason script, and I said: ‘I really don’t want to do a series right now. The children are just small, you know?’ […] And Gail Patrick Jackson [Producer of the Series] said: ‘But Barbara! Raymond Burr is going to do it and you know him’ and I said: ‘I’ll do it!’

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