Facing the Dead Lions


Honest, I’d write more if I had more time.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

After bragging on Wednesday night that I did 9 articles and posts after choir practice, for the past couple of days I’ve been stuck.  I’ve got some deadlines to deal with.  Some imposed by clients.  Some self imposed.  They’re all looming right out there. And they’re about to bite me in the butt.

Still, I have to remember that I just walked a 10K this morning, I’m in rehearsals for a new play and there’s yard work to do.  Tonight we’re off to see my sister-in-law’s band.  They’ve been together for five years now.  It’s a family obligation and it will be great to hear them again.  Plus I walked off enough calories for a couple of beers.

So, I squeeze in the time I can to get things done.

Over at Writer’s Digest, author Liza Palmer offers some good suggestions for meeting a deadline.

Figure out what works for you while keeping in mind that those idyllic surroundings we envision – the muse-heavy, uninterrupted blocks of time with wafting music and chirping birds – are an absolute rarity. It’s one thing to set oneself up for a success; it’s another to get caught up in excuses. This isn’t right, that’s not going to work… well, we’ll try again tomorrow.

via How to Make a Writing Deadline | WritersDigest.com.

I don’ t need music wafting or birds chirping.  I need the sound of the sea.  An occasional seagull wouldn’t be a bad thing.  But an uninterrupted block of time would be nice.

In the mean time, I’ll stay up late, so some yard work on Sunday after noon (face it, my ox is in a ditch, see Matthew 12:11), and I’ll be at church in the morning and rehearsal tomorrow night.

At least I got this post done.

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