365 Things I Believe: Government Trust


Our government (pick a level) no longer realizes they are there as servants of the people. More and more government, Washington in particular, believes they are our masters.

That was never the intent. And that type of government was why we fought for our independence. But, like the frog slowly boiling in the pot, we have allowed our liberties to be taken away step by step.

Kentucky lawyer and Senator, Henry Clay, Sr. was born on this day in 1777. He served three different terms as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and was also Secretary of State from 1825 to 1829. He lost his campaings for president in 1824, 1832 and 1844.

Clay was born in Hanover County, Virginia. He moved to Lexington, Kentucky in 1797 where he owned a 600-acre plantation called “Ashland.”

He is credited with introducing the mint julep drink to Washington, D.C., at the Willard Hotel during his residence as a senator in the city.

Henry Clay died of tuberculosis on June 29, 1852. He was the first person to lie in state in the United States Capitol.

Source: Wikipedia

365 Things I Believe is a revisioning of a year long web project. I initially launched the blog 365 Things I Believe because I think there are important things I have to say. There are eternal truths that are non-debatable, although I realize they’re not universally accepted.

So for a year I did a daily post of one thing I believe to be an indisputable truth. I’m relaunching here at The Write Side of My Brain and will continue through the next year to re-post (mostly) from the original project.

This time graphics and commentary are included. You can buy today’s print here. And, by the end of a year, if not sooner, you’ll be able to purchase the entire series in ebook format.

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