Erick Erickson: About That RNC Declaration of War on Conservative Grassroots

If you’ve been following the comments of Mike Shields of the RNC regarding grassroots conservatives, this is a good read from Erick Erickson at RedState.


The professional right has turned a mailing list habit into a mailing list addiction. Like drug addicts wanting one more hit before going straight, they send out one last mail piece demanding money to help Allen West. But now, like going from cocaine to crack, they spam your email inbox too demanding your immediate defense of Allen West, Rand Paul, etc.

via About That RNC Declaration of War on Conservative Grassroots | RedState.

Erickson is right. Everybody wants money. Nobody, or at least not many, are having any real results.

For my part, I’m pretty much done with professional politics.

When I bust my backside for candidates who promise not to raise my taxes, but do so anyway, I’m done.

When I spend countless hours working and writing and lobbying for candidates who promise they’ll be different only to drink the Washington Kool-aid before they’re sworn in, I’m done.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not done with my opinions.

I’m done with the party line.

There’s more to this thought. Stay tuned.

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