And then there was….curtain


I won’t be making any more trips to Soldier Island.

Yesterday, the curtain closed on CAT Theatre‘s production of And Then There Were None.

I had the amazing experience of being part of this cast and crew. It’s still a bit of a new venture for me to go out acting beyond the stage at West End Assembly of God. But it’s been an awesome experience with an awesome group of people.

Yesterday we took our final bow, waited for the audience to clear and struck the beautiful set to make way for the next production. At the cast party there was the sense that none of us wanted it to end.

As I write this in the quiet of the morning, I’m not sure my thoughts are well organized enough to do this experience justice. So, more may come in the future.

Speaking of the next production, and the future, I’ll be playing Henry in CAT’s Production of Play On! that opens on May 17.

Somehow, I’ll find time to balance this with writing, and exercise, and church and family. And, oh yeah…work.

The show must go on.

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  1. […] This is my second appearance with CAT Theatre this season, having earlier this year played the role of Fred Narracott and been part of the backstage running crew in And Then There Were None. […]

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