Get on Board, Little Children


Today over at In Over Your Head, Julien talked about Missing the Subway. Or the boat. Or whatever your mode of transportation may be.

The point is, missing one mode of transportation, or one opportunity, is not cause to give up. Just start where you can, grab the next train, the next boat.

The example of missing the boat (or train) resonated with me this week. As I’ve mentioned, I’m in the last week of rehearsals for And Then There Were None. We open next Friday, March 22.

Not to spoil the plot, but if you know the story, I’m the guy with the boat who brings folks and supplies to the island. But there comes a point when I’m not there with a boat. There’s no way to get off the island.

Unlike the guests on the island, there will be another boat, train, opportunity. Just wait for it.

I’ve had to do that with writing. Waiting to get the right assignment. Waiting to be told, “yes, we’d like you to write for us.”

Or with acting, waiting or a call back that never came. So, instead of giving up, I go to the next audition. I’m in my second show outside of what I’ve done with our Music and Fine Arts ministry. But I’ve auditioned for at least a half dozen more before being offered a part.

I’m beginning to think the silence from two recent auditions means that I won’t be getting a callback. Not to worry, there’s another audition coming in two more weeks. I’ll be there.

The point? Don’t give up because you miss one opportunity. Another is coming your way.

Get on board!

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