And Then There Was Me


Regular readers (and why aren’t you one?) will remember that I wrote last summer about my first venture onto the professional stage, other than the past 15 years at West End Assembly of God (which has provided as much or more stage experience as many other opportunities).

But I’ve been auditioning for regular performances around town. At a recent audition a young woman asked what the form meant by “age range.” I explained to her that while she could play from teenager to elderly, I on the other hand, am limited to large and “senior.”

That’s perfectly fine with me. There are some great character roles out there.

One in fact, I’m happy to be portraying starting next week

(Egads! Next Week!).

Opening on Friday, March 22nd, I’ll be appearing in the role of Fred Narracott in the CAT Theatre production of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

It’s a small role. But, it’s also a foot in the door. And, I get to help backstage in the process.

Appearing in a small production with an eleven member cast and an intimiate stage is far different than the Broadway-style extravaganza of Glorious Christmas Nights. But if you love the craft of acting, as I do, it can be an awesome thing.

The show opens on March 22 and runs for three weeks. Tickets are on sale now.

Where do I go from here? That’s up in the air.

This is all part of my turning fifty (a few years back) and realizing that it was time to enjoy life by pursuing the things I like to do. Writing and acting are among them. If they’d only pay the mortgage, I’d be in good shape.

Until then, I do this part time.

The show must go on.

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