Catskinner’s Book: A Review

catskinnersI was given a copy of Catskinner’s Book by Misha Burnett for the purpose of the review. But I have to say that reading the book wasn’t like work. It’s a fun, but scary read that keeps your attention and keeps you wondering what comes next.

Catskinner’s Book is described as science fiction/urban fantasy. We’re introduced to James Orzyck only to find out later that’s not his real name. James has a monster living inside. Sometimes the monster acts out causing James, or at least his body to do strange and awful things. People die without warning or without explanation.

But before long, James and his inner friend are found out and that sets off a high paced adventure that takes some interesting twists and turns.

This is a first novel for Misha Burnett, but I suspect that the writing will get better. Don’t get me wrong, this book is gritty, and shocking at times, but it’s written well. There are, however, a couple of story elements I couldn’t quite follow.

The action in Catskinner’s book never stops all the way to the end. The end did feel a bit abrupt, but this book is the first in a series, so maybe that was intentional. Half way through I did have a “who are these people” moment when the main villain is taken out of the picture.

Burnett has been writing poetry and fiction for about forty years, doing various odd jobs too support his family. Catskinner’s Book is Burnett’s first novel.

The next book in the series, Cannibal Hearts, is expected to be available in the Summer of 2013.

He is currently working on the next book in the series, Cannibal Hearts, which will be available Summer, 2013.

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