The Transportation “Deal” is Bad for Virginia

Tonight, I joined fellow members of the Jeffersoniad Blog Alliance in signing a letter to members of the Virginia General Assembly regarding HB2313, the transportation compromise. I already told you this was a bad bill.

From the letter:

If fully implemented, the bill would cost Virginia taxpayers over $1.3 billion in new taxes. With the economy on a knife’s edge, additional taxes would damage employment (by raising the cost of business), consumption (by raising overall prices), and the overall business environment. This is not the time to raise taxes on hard-working Virginian employers and employees.

. . .

Every Republican statewide official (and most legislators) were elected on a promise not to raise taxes. This bill erodes the credibility of all future candidates and the ability of voters to hold said candidates accountable.

This violation of faith damages our democracy in incalculable ways.

Read the letter in its entirety:

Open Letter Regarding the Transportation Tax Hike (HB 2313)

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