When Apps Collide

runningshoesSince I kicked myself in the tail after this past weekend’s episode with the blehs, I’ve been trying to be more consistent, more organized. Okay, so it’s only been a couple of days.

But, I have all of the resources I need at my fingertips. Probably more than I’m able to use efficiently. My older son says I don’t deserve an iPhone5 because I don’t know how to use it. That’s okay I can learn.

So this morning I reorganized the apps on the iPhone5. I put similar apps in folders. Do not mock me.

Then I set off for my lunchtime walk using the Runtastic app. Fortunately I got a free download of Runtastic Pro over the weekend so that makes a difference. I don’t like the fact that the free version treated my walks as a run and told me I was using 3-4 times as many calories as I actually am. But at least now I’m getting an accurate count.

Sometimes I do music while I walk, sometimes Scripture. In my study of three books, I have admitted that I was lacking, so I also set the You Version to read to me the Gospel of John.

What I didn’t yet realize about the Runtastic Pro app is that it will provide updates of your progress. So at a mile this young lady with a British accent, we’ll call her “Julia” because Runtastic does, said “One mile, Nineteen minutes.”

The cool thing with the iPhone is that the Scripture reading stopped for her update, and then resumed.

Then the unexpected happened. Just after the reading where Jesus had met the Samaritan woman and the disciples were asking “Could this be the Messiah?” I heard a deep male voice say “I like that.”

Well, preach on Brother iPhone.

Apparently this was my friend Alton liking my Runtastic activity on Facebook. Sure, a more tech savvy person would have realized this would happen. But that would have taken the fun out of it. As it was, the timing was perfect.

I’m not sure I’ll keep that part of the app running. Not everyone needs to like the fact that I’m taking a noontime walk. I might reactivate it for the upcoming Monument Avenue 10K. Yes, I’m doing that. No, I’m not running. I’m walking it.

And when I cross the finish line, you can like it.

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