It’s a Wonderful Tradition

Christmas2012mLast night, for the second Christmas evening in a row, my family went to see the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life at the historic Byrd Theater located in Richmond’s Carytown shopping district

The Byrd Theater is one of the grand movie theaters from the 1920s. Built in 1928, it has been a continuously running movie theater since that time. For several years now, movie prices have remained at $1.99 and the special showing of It’s a Wonderful Life is no exception.

Added to the holiday treat is the playing of the Mighty Wurlizter Organ that rises from the orchestra pit for the traditional Christmas carol sing-a-long. The organ plays every Saturday night before performances.

The movie, It’s a Wonderful Life was originally panned by critics but became a holiday classic because it was shown so often on television. Now it’s a must see favorite every Christmas season.

Merry Christmas you old building and loan.


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