People we love: George C. Scott

George Campbell Scott, October 18, 1927 – September 22, 1999

Born on this Day in 1927.

George C. Scott is a native of Wise, Viginia. While his early ambition was to be an author Scott found his life work in acting. Scott served in the Marines from 1945-1949. He taught English literature and radio speaking/writing at the Marine Corps Institute.

Scott acted first on Broadway including performances in As You Like It and Richard III. He also worked in television before turning to film. His most notable early role was in Dr. Strangelove where he played General “Buck” Turgidson.

In 1970 Scott portrayed George S. Patton in the movie Patton. He refused an Academy Award nomination, just has he had done in 1962 for The Hustler.

George C. Scott died on September 22, 1999. He was 71.

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