George Allen Statement on the September Jobs Report

George Allen Statement on the September Jobs Report

Henrico, VA – Today, George Allen released the following statement on the Department of Labor’s September jobs report:

“Another weak jobs report confirms what I am hearing from Virginians, that the failed economic policies coming from Washington are not working. As I have traveled throughout Virginia I have met families wondering how they will pay their bills and small businesses unsure if they will be able to hire because of looming tax hikes and mandates. Virginia is facing the loss of an additional 200,000 jobs because of Washington’s failed sequestration deal and devastating cuts to our national defense. Over 20 million men and women are not able to find fulltime work and our nation’s labor participation rate is at a 30 year low.

Like President Obama and Vice President Biden, Tim Kaine’s answer to nearly every challenge is to raise taxes. While Vice President Biden cheers a $1 Trillion tax hike on hard-working Americans, Tim Kaine is open to raising taxes on everyone. More taxes will only result in more job loss.

I want to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of our country with pro-job growth tax, regulatory, energy and education policies that will get our economy moving again. It’s time for new leadership in Washington with a record of job creation and a commitment to empowering free enterprise and free people to invest and create the jobs millions of Americans desperately need.”

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