This Administration’s Foreign Policy is a Disaster

Jon Stewart knows it:

Ambassador Chris Stevens knew it and asked for additional security, but was denied.

The Natural Truth: Report: Obama Administration Denied Ambassador Stevens’ Request For Additional Security.
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee leaders today sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking why requests for more protection were denied to the U.S. mission in Libya by Washington officials prior to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. The denials came after repeated attacks and security threats to U.S. personnel.

Editors at USAToday know it: Editorial: Shifting Libya attack story raises red flags
Ten years from now, a State Department official told us, the department might look back at Benghazi as the “unprecedented attack that led to the reassessment” of security at missions around the world. You’d think that the 1998 attacks — not to mention the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, when 52 Americans were held at the embassy in Tehran for 444 days — would have been sufficient wake-up calls…Obviously, they were not, and the reasons why need a full airing.

At TownHall, Guy Benson writes: Whoa: Obama Administration Denied “Repeated Requests” For Increased Security in Benghazi
But why would Washington deny “repeated requests” for beefed up security in Benghazi, even when it was so obviously required? That’s what investigations are for, but here’s a common-sense working theory: This president has demonstrated many times over that the one area of government he’s willing to cut — as in real, net cuts — is the military. Obama’s regime-change war in Libya was managed in such a way as to minimize even the appearance of US involvement, to the point of “leading from behind.” Boots on the ground were never an option because Obama wanted this to be a clean, casualty-free effort, unlike the terribly hard and costly work in Iraq and Afghanistan. More security for US interests would have meant more US forces in Libya — which could be perceived as escalating a new war of Obama’s doing. Couldn’t have that politically, so we proceeded with an exceedingly “light footprint,” to a lethal fault.

November 6 is coming.

Our economy is out of control. Our debt has grown to unfathomable amounts. And our foreign policy, or lack thereof, endangers us all.

Enough is enough.

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