I lawn for the day…

When my yard work won’t be remedial. When I won’t just be cleaning things up or fixing things that have gone wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve already made progress today. I’ve bleached the vinyl siding (it’s pretty handing not having to power wash), I’ve had the boy help pick up sticks and debris.

“Do you want the ones in the drive way that were run over?”


“Do you want the ones that have green on them?”


“Do you want…”

If it’s not attached to a tree, pick it up.

I’ve also cut down about 8 oak trees. Okay, granted they were “volunteers” and the tallest was about five ft. tall. Still, they were uninvited and in my way.

This year’s acorns are already falling. I’m going to have to get a better handle on getting them up. Apparently in the Obama Economy, even the squirrels won’t work.

I’m heading back out to mow and weed eat. I still have the dry stream bed to clean up. And the leaves will be falling soon. And I need to move the square foot garden. It’s not getting enough sun in the current location, thanks to the droppers of the acorns.

The list never ends. And I’ll never get “Yard of the Month.”

I suppose in the grand scheme of things I could be taking pictures of the yard and then writing about progress.

At least until we can retire and move into a condo on the river.

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