People we love: Walter Koenig

Walter Marvin Koenig, Born September 14, 1936

Born on this Day in 1936.

Walter Koenig may have been the first Russian we came to love on television for his role as Pavel Chekov in the original Star Trek series and movies. He also played Alfred Bester on Babylon 5.

Koenig was born in Chicago, but his parents were Russian Jewish immigrants from the Soviet Union. His stage and screen career now spans more than 50 years.

Koenig’s son, Andrew, was also an actor and played “Boner” as best friend to Kirk Cameron’s character Mike Seaver on ABC’s Growing Pains. Andrew was also a human rights activist. He committed suicide in 2012.

Koenig has been married to Judy Levitt since 1965. In addition to Andrew, they have a daughter, Danielle.

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