So long, Bill’s Barbecue

It’s hard to say goodbye to Bill’s Barbecue. They’ve been around Richmond since 1930.

But with the arrival of Buzz and Ned’s, Q and Dickey’s, as well as a host of others combined with the downturn in the Obama economy, Bill’s Barbecue couldn’t keep up.

After 82 years, Bill’s closed five locations in April.

Tonight we learned that Bill’s is closing the remaining restaurants in Richmond as of this Sunday, September 16.

I had my first Bill’s Barbecue when I lived in Richmond back in 1985. And I’m pretty sure that’s the first place I learned to eat barbcue properly, with the slaw on the sandwich.

William Richardson opened the first Bill’s Barbecue on Myers Street in 1930. That grew to as many as 13 restaurants at one time.

The Richardson family released the following statement:

“The Richardson family gives our utmost thanks and appreciation to our loyal employees, customers and friends. We thank you for being with us over these past 82 years. May God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America.”

So long, Bill’s.

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