Promise, Priebus?

I suppose it depends on the meaning of the word “final.”

Even if I hadn’t spent a greater portion of my adult life immersed in politics, I’d know that this notice from the RNC isn’t my “final” notice.

It’s not quite as annoying as the one I once got marked “past due.”

I know these mailings are necessary. And they must be effective, because they keep coming. Including the 10 page letter I got today from The Heritage Foundation.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t given to the RNC since the early 80s. Back before I went to work in Washington, DC, and back when I thought the promise of a plastic RNC membership card with all the “rights and privileges” was cool.

It made me say “Oooo. Shiny.”

Today, I just look at the envelope and get a chuckle. Then throw it away.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in the ideals of the Republican party. I even believe in Republicans…when they live up to those ideals.

Too many of them don’t. And I’ve not hesitated to tell them so.

No matter how many times I gave them an earful on the phone, or how many times I cut up the plastic card and mailed it back in the BRE (Business Reply Envelope), or how many times I’ve told them I will (and have) give directly to the candidate, I’m still on the list.

It seems like such a waste.

But it makes a good blog post.

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