365 Things I Believe: Power

It’s an age old story. The moral and righteous rise to power, and when they get there, they become corrupt.

Certainly that appears to be the case in our country were we send those we initially think are the brightest and best to Washington, DC only to have them become a part of the system.

I’ve worked in politics, policy or government for over 30 years. This happens more often than not.

Every so often you’ll get a shining star that manages to stay above the fray. But sadly, they either get booted out of office or simply make the choice to leave on their own.

Madison was right to assume this would be a problem. After all, the abuse of the absolute power of the king was what they fought when this country was born. But I suspect even Madison couldn’t have predicted what has become of our citizen legislature.

I believe this.

365 Things I Believe is a revisioning of a year long web project. I initially launched the blog 365 Things I Believe because I think there are important things I have to say. There are eternal truths that are non-debatable, although I realize they’re not universally accepted.

So for a year I did a daily post of one thing I believe to be an indisputable truth. I’m relaunching here at The Write Side of My Brain and will continue through the next year to re-post (mostly) from the original project.

This time graphics and commentary are included. You can buy today’s print here. And, by the end of a year, if not sooner, you’ll be able to purchase the entire series in ebook format.

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