365 Things I Believe: Give the Light

This world loves the darkness. But the light of Christ shines into the darkness of this world.

As followers we’re to share that light. The Sunday School chorus, as well as the Scripture says that we’re not to hide our light under a bushel basket.

Mother Teresa did’t do that. She was light She shared the love of Christ in every action with the less fortunate, with the undesirable. But she never shied away from the Gospel when she was doing it.

The light exposes the truth. And sometimes the truth hurts. It makes us uncomfortable. It goes against what we’ve always believed.

But it also brings healing and redemption.

I believe this.

365 Things I Believe is a revisioning of a year long web project. I initially launched the blog 365 Things I Believe because I think there are important things I have to say. There are eternal truths that are non-debatable, although I realize they’re not universally accepted.

So for a year I did a daily post of one thing I believe to be an indisputable truth. I’m relaunching here at The Write Side of My Brain and will continue through the next year to re-post (mostly) from the original project.

This time graphics and commentary are included. You can buy today’s print here. And, by the end of a year, if not sooner, you’ll be able to purchase the entire series in ebook format.

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