People we love: Fred Gwynne

Frederick Hubbard “Fred” Gwynne, July 10, 1926 – July 2, 1993

Born on this day in 1926

Fred Gwynne was an American actor best known for his roles in television’s Car 54, Where are You and as the lovable Herman Munster in The Munsters.

Gwynne was born in New York City. He attended the Groton School and graduated from Harvard University where he was a member of the Fly Club, sang with an a cappella group and was a cartoonist for the Harvard Lampoon.

His first Broadway role was in 1952 when he was cast in Mrs. McThing which starred Helen Hays. He caught the attention of Phil Silvers who had Gwynne make an appearance on his show. That lead to the role of Patrolman Francis Muldoon in Car 54, Where Are You.

Gwynne appeared in several movies, including Pet Sematary and My Cousin Vinny.

Gwynne died of pancreatic cancer on July 2, 1993. He was 66.

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