365 Things I Believe: Works

The Bible says in James 2:17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

We are saved by faith, but we must also accompany that faith by work. Not that we work ourselves into heaven, but we do the work of Christ because we are grateful for what he has done and because he has called us to do so.

It’s not enough to sit in a church pew on Sunday morning. We need to put feet to our faith. Help around the church. Feed the homeless. Visit the sick. Work for justice and truth.

And we should do it as though every day is our last, because it might be.

I believe this.

365 Things I Believe is a revisioning of a year long web project. I initially launched the blog 365 Things I Believe because I think there are important things I have to say. There are eternal truths that are non-debatable, although I realize they’re not universally accepted.

So for a year I did a daily post of one thing I believe to be an indisputable truth. I’m relaunching here at The Write Side of My Brain and will continue through the next year to re-post (mostly) from the original project.

This time graphics and commentary are included. You can buy today’s print here. And, by the end of a year, if not sooner, you’ll be able to purchase the entire series in ebook format.

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