Independence isn’t Freedom

Author and business advisor Chris Brogan dropped an email in my inbox this morning that said Independence isn’t freedom, or at least it’s not freedom from everything. Independence is the acceptance of a lot of responsibilities.

He made the point that after the Declaration was signed in 1776, things didn’t get easier. There were still struggles ahead. There was still this little skirmish with Great Britain that had to be resolved, and another in 1812. There was the struggle for freedom and the abolition of slavery that lead to a war that ripped the fabric of our nation in two. There was the struggle for the right of women to vote and the continued civil rights struggles of the turbulent 60s.

While our Independence was born on July 4, 1776, our freedom is something we must fight for daily. But, are we still up to the fight?

Norm Leahy wrote the other day that we’re Surrendering the republic without firing a shot. Norm said, “On June 28th, the Supreme Court upheld a massive expansion of federal power. The Court allowed the full nationalization of the health care sector to proceed under a tortured reading of Congress’ taxing authority. And while some saw nuggets of hope in the majority opinion, I see only an accelerated loss of liberty.”

To make matters worse, according to Pew Research Center, some 45% of Americans, don’t even know the Supremes made the decision on Obamacare.

On Monday, Shaun Kenney wrote about the 7 Things You Can Do About Obamacare Right Now. Did you read it? Did you take action?

Today, Andrew Schwartz points out that if you value liberty, if you are suspicious of an expansive federal power, if you believe people are working together to undermine national sovereignty that you might just be labeled by the Department of Homeland Security as a terrorist.

You just might fit that description if you comment on this post.

On the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, Benjamin Franklin was reported to have said, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

No one is talking about hanging…yet.

Of course Google is reading our gmail, TSA is feeling up our goodies at the airport and the President is reportedly keeping an enemies list.

William Faulkner wrote: We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.

What is your freedom worth? Are you practicing your freedom? Are you working diligently to maintain it?

If not, enjoy your hot dog while you can, because Michelle Obama and the food nazis are coming for it.

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