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Andraé Crouch

Andraé Edward Crouch was born in San Francisco, California on July 1, 1942

When Andraé was eleven, his father began pastoring a church, he called Andrae to the front and asked “Andrae, if God gave you the gift of music to play and sing for him would you do it for his glory all your life?” Andraé replied, “Yeah daddy.” It seems cliche, but the rest is an amazing history of music composition and ministry.

Crouch formed The Disciples in 1965 while he was attending Valley Junior College in California. At the urging of Ralph Carmichael, Crouch began recording his work in 1968. The Disciples appeared on The Tonight Show in 1972 and later appeared at The Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall.

He was a key figure in the Jesus Movement in the 1960s and 1970s and was instrumental in the development of contemporary Christian music.

Andraé Crouch has composed for Michael Jackson and Madonna and worked on The Lion King. Crouch has won several awards, including eight Grammy’s. One of his most famous songs, “My Tribute“, is included in the United Methodist Hymnal.

Following the death of his father in 1994, Andraé assumed the position as Senior Pastor at Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ in Pacoima, California.

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