U.S. Senate: Setting the record straight on education

Tim Kaine has tried to make education a talking point for his campaign. But to do so he has to hide his record.

Politifact sets that record straight: Tim Kaine cut colleges by 25 percent.

On the other hand as Senator, George Allen promoted a $30 billion education tax credit to help Americans invest their own hard-earned dollars in education. (Richmond Times Dispatch 3/9/01).

In further contrast with Tim Kaine who couldn’t get his own party to vote for his budget, George Allen managed to work with an often hostile Democratic legislature to:

  • Stop skyrocketing tuition by capping, then freezing tuition – saving Virginia families thousands of dollars. (“2011-12 Tuition And Fees At Virginia’s State-Supported Colleges And Universities,” State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, 7/11, Pg. 6 & 7)
  • Establish prepaid tuition contracts to make a college education more affordable for students and their families. (HB 993 (1994) SB 891/HB 2265(1997))
  • Increase Tuition Assistant Grants (1994-96 Budget-Item 186; 1995 Budget-Item 186; Budget 1996-98-Item 160 E and 160 C 1 b; Budget 1998-200-Item 158 C 1 b and 160 E)
  • Invest an additional $173 Million in Virginia college and universities
  • Invest in new funding for K-12 education initiatives
  • Institute Virginia’s first-ever Standards of Learning tied to testing and accountability

Dorothy Jaeckle knows George Allen and his record on education.

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