Vulgar and Violent: The Left Attacks Eric Cantor

Look, nobody with any real sense of politics thinks that Eric Cantor is going to lose in the 7th District of Virginia. The 7th is, after all, a district drawn around the homes sporting Cantor yard signs.

But, why not embarrass the Majority Leader? Why not make him spend money? Why not make him, and the Republicans, have to work harder in a “safe” district and take their focus off of more hotly contested races.

Cantor’s challenger has now launched a vulgar and violent campaign that make Jamie Radtke’s attacks on George Allen look middle school. No wait, maybe that’s a bad example.

Virginia political veterans know how vile Dave “Mudcat” Saunders can be. We’ve seen his work before. And this time, now consulting for Wayne Powell, he’s as obnoxious as ever.

Saunders told the Roanoke Times: “We’re going to go national, We’re going to tell our story to the nation. That’s the only way we can raise the money to get this bought-and-paid-for bastard.”

In an interview in The Blue Ridge Caucus, Sanders said, “It’s going to be a bloody son of a b****. We’re really going to do some cool s***.”

To the Daily Caller he said, “We cannot win this campaign, cannot tell the story on Eric Cantor, if we don’t have bullets.”


Like the one that went through the window of Cantor’s office?

When I first heard about Wayne Powell’s challenge to Cantor, I wasn’t worried. But I did think that a retired Army Colonel, a small business owner and an attorney could run a respectable race.

Powell proved he wants nothing of the sort by hiring Mudcat Saunders.

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