Why I just “unliked” Bill Bolling on Facebook

I don’t like this one little bit.

I haven’t made a decision or an endorsement for next year’s race for Governor. Up until Ken Cuccinelli announced I was more than prepared to support Bill Bolling. I may still be.

But I have been increasingly put off by this whole convention vs. primary fight. I know the State Central Committee is voting tomorrow. I’m neither a member of the committee or someone with the ability to influence the outcome.

Theory is that a primary helps Bill Bolling and that a convention helps Ken Cuccinelli. That may be correct.

But you see, this image is not correct. I have in the past liked Bill Bolling’s page on Facebook. I’ve liked Ken Cuccinelli as well.

To use that to imply that I prefer a primary over a convention when I haven’t said (publicly) either way?

That may be unforgiveable.

I agree with Riley at Virginia Virtucon: This is the most disingenuous ad and Facebook page I’ve seen any candidate use.

And I just told the young gentleman who called to ask my preference for 2013 (he admitted being hired by the Bolling campaign) that I’m not giving an answer.

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