Editing Mitt

Mitt Romney has been known to make more than a few awkward statements whether it’s talking about Ann’s couple of Cadillacs or saying he’s learning to like grits.

But Twitter lit up this week when Mitt said “I’m not really a politician.”

The left and some on the right used it as just another example of how they believe Romney is out of touch. But here from National Journal is the full quote.

“But I’m not really a politician,” he said, then corrected himself. “I guess I kinda am, because I was governor for four years and I’ve run for office. But my heart is a conservative businessman.”

Romney does need to be more careful about how he says things, because his opponents (left and right) will seize on his every word.

But the fact is of those running, his GOP opponents and our current President, he is the only actual businessman. The others, all of them are career politicians. Mitt is, or at least has been, a businessman. No other candidate can say that.

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