Rest in Peace, Andrew Breitbart

He was loud, we was boisterious, he was passionate. He was a fearless champion of conservative causes.

He will be missed.

The news first came this morning as the east coast was catching up:

Big Government: With a terrible feeling of pain and loss we announce the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

Admittedly, knowing Andrew’s flair for the dramatic, many of us questioned it at first. But slowly the news was confirmed. Andrew had passed away last night in L.A. He was 43. He left behind a wife and young children.

What others are saying:

Michelle Malkin: I’m stunned. He was kinetic, brash, relentless, full of fight, the bane of the Left, and a mentor to the next generation of right-wing activists and citizen journalists.

Glenn Beck: We pray for his family, we pray for his children, and we pray that his mission to expose those who need to be exposed continues…They’ve broken a lot of stories. A lot of stories. We need more voices not fewer voices.”

TownHall: Conservatives everywhere have benefited from Andrew’s tireless work and dedication, both personally and professionally. He was always willing to lend an ear and would never shy away from an argument.

Rush Limbaugh: A lot of people get into the business for a number of reasons. His was to effect change. He really sought to effect change above everything else. A lot of people get into it to make a name for themselves. He was about that, too, of course, but he really was about effecting change, and he did on numerous occasions with ACORN, Anthony Weiner, Shirley Sherrod, just to name three of his most famous examples.

Sean Hannity: What you saw is what you got – a champion of freedom, a guy that really, really more than anything else wanted to see America get back on the right course.

If you followed Andrew at all you can imagine him retweeting the liberal hatred displayed here: Liberals celebrate death of Andrew Breitbart

…and lauging his way through. Every. Single. Post.

Rest in Peace, Andrew.

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