The Valentine’s Project

When I get the urge to create something (other than a blog post) I don’t always have the opportunity.  So, back in January when my wife was out of town for a week on business, and then out of town again taking care of our college son who had his appendix out (while I stayed home and cared for the younger son and the livestock), I got inspired to create…something.

But what?  Then I remembered I had an extra shadow box from a prior project.  Here’s a little photo essay on how it all played out.

The first coat.

I didn’t know exactly where to start with color.  So I pulled out the paint I had and started with pink.  That wasn’t it.  I kept trying different colors and ended up with a blue green distressed look.  That worked.

The elements.

I still wasn’t sure what would go in it.  So I took a trip to Michael’s but left only with the letter “V” and some silk cherry blossoms.  I kept going.

The shells.


I wanted shells because we love the beach.  But I wanted color.  So I kept painting.

Everything goes with black.


The background.


For the background, I used some scrapbook paper that we already had.  Then I photoshopped some family photos and houses along Monument Avenue.

In the foreground, I added the picture of her crossing the finish line in last years Monument Avenue 10K.  Now the houses make sense.  Right?

Putting it all together.


The finished product.


When it was done, it ended up being an early Valentine’s present.  We were going ahead with the hanging of pictures on her office wall.  So it needed a space.


Now the only question is, what to do next?

And P.S: Yes, I do need a new camera.

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    • Beth Dunnavant on February 14, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Michael..that was awesome. I’m the creative one in my house, well; Lindsay and Chelsea create but you know what I mean. It was so cool to watch your progress on this! LOVE… just LOVE.

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