Just Back from the Richmond Home Show…

We just got back from the Home Show and Maymont Flower and Garden Show. For the first time in several years we went without the now 12-year-old, so we didn’t have to drag him away from the gutter guard guys.

I’m not really sure if we were disappointed, or if after so many years there are just fewer vendors we want to see. Some of the things we’re planning for the house are still a few years off (we have a list). So talking to the window guys, and flooring salespeople just isn’t on our list. It’s not that we want to be rude. But there’s no use to give them our info only to have to tell them every month for the next year “not yet.”

We wish we’d also avoided the magnetic gemstone salesman, but unforunately someone, not me, said “Ooo, shiney” and before we knew it we were being shown necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Supposedly I should have felt better in 60 seconds. But when he said “here I need to spray this on you, lift up your shirt.” That’s when we left.

I’ve already talked about seeing myself in the mirror. There are very few places in life where I just take off my shirt. The Greater Richmond Convention Center is not one of those places.

So, we moved on.

We were still in a bit of a snarky mood when a woman selling shoe inserts yelled to my wife, “Ma’am, what size shoe do you wear?”

I began to wonder if we were at the wrong show.

Still, we did manage to be intrigued by options to redo our kitchen counters and refinish the upstairs bathtub. Those people we might actually call back.

And as usual, the arts, crafts and plant displays from the Maymont show are fun to look at. We came home with some willows to root and plant in the spring.

All in all, not a bad day. But the show seemed smaller to us. I’m not sure if that was because we’ve seen most of the vendors over the years, or if there were actually fewer participants.

The show goes through tomorrow at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

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