Don’t Think the HHS Mandate Controversy Is Over

The Obama Administration wants you to think that they’ve fixed the problem and that they’re no longer trampling all over religious freedom.

Hold onto your faith. But just don’t waste it on this Administration.

Here’s a roundup of some of the latest commentary.

I Am Altering the Contraception Deal
Post Libertarian
This is the kind of monarch-like behavior that our system of government is supposed to prevent. Everyone seems caught up in the issue of what kind of contraception mandate Obama should decide to give to employers and insurance providers. But the real issue is whether or not Obama should have the authority to decide it at all.

Religion burns Obama again
The Hill
The furor over contraception that consumed much of this week is just one more instance of the president having been put onto the back foot at the intersection of faith and politics.

The Contraceptive Mandate’s Shaky Justification
Right Side News
Are you buying the Obama party line that the administration is merely protecting people who work for religious organizations — such as Catholic schools, hospitals, and charitable organizations? Ensuring they are not denied these “reproductive services” that are covered under health-insurance plans ordinary businesses arrange for their employees? These claims do not pass the laugh test. Nobody in America is denied access to abortion, let alone birth-control pills.

Religion And Birth Control: Not Just A GOP Fight
All this week, Republicans on Capitol Hill bashed that policy as a violation of religious freedom, and some of the president’s fellow Democrats added to the heat.

GOP conservatives unite against birth control coverage
President Obama’s political shifting over contraception coverage has united conservative Republicans in protest even as they split over which GOP presidential hopeful should face him in the general election.

Decision could raise premiums
The Hill
Under Obama’s new plan, health insurers are required to cover contraception for people who work at religious institutions such as Catholic hospitals and universities. Those employers don’t have to pay for the coverage, and neither do the employees.


  1. conception is an Act of God. Contraception a man made act defies God’s law. it is a scientific fact that it also causes unknown abortion known as abortifacient. Of course like all of natures results, this does not happen in all cases. so to be as proactive as possible, the morning after RU486 (actually a stronger version of the Birth Control Pill)can be taken. or of course if a woman waits long enough, pregnancy tests will help better determine.
    Many job providers do not believe in playing God and are not willing to become conscientiously involved in furnishing this to employees. this is not an exclusive Catholic belief either..The administration has provided exemptions to other providers, why not to others that object.

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