I love this post.

I was a communications arts major at a small liberal arts college. I didn’t major in theater because, at the time, it wasn’t offered. But I took every drama class available. So I love the perspective of this author:

When I chose my major, I had no pipe dreams about becoming a professional actor. I did it because more than one wise adult had advised me that my actual major in college would have less impact on my eventual job search than having the actual degree.

via 10 Ways Being a Theatre Major Prepared Me for Success | Wayfarer.

I’ve had a different measure of success. But I can identify with the author. For me, my education gave me a balanced view. A chance to be adaptable in an ever changing world.

And for me, the broad based education was the best. Especially since I went through three majors before I finally settled on one.

Would I do some things differently? Sure.

But that’s another post.

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