Are We Making a Mitt-stake?

I’ve been convinced for some time now that the only viable candidate remaining in the race for the GOP nomination is Mitt Romney. I’ve accepted the fact that he’s not perfect.

As for the remaining three, there’s a whole laundry list of why I can’t support Newt Gingrich. While I like Rick Santorum, and some of the things that Ron Paul says, I just don’t see them having much of a chance. Although currently both are polling better against Obama and Gingrich. [Real Clear Politics].

Romney’s decisive Florida win, bouncing back if you will from South Carolina, and even today’s endorsement by The Donald are making him the stronger of the candidates. I still want one of them to look at the President and say “You’re Fired!”

But still there are things that bother me about Romney.

I have evangelical friends who are bothered by the Mormonism. Quite frankly, I’m not. Yes, I do think it’s a weird religion. If you’re Mormon and reading this sorry, but that’s how I see it. But Mormons share the core values of decency, honor and clean living. So while I may have problems with what they believe, I understand that we have a Constitution that guarantees them the right to believe that.

For me, that’s far less problematic than the current President who by edict is trying to force Catholics to violate their beliefs while at the same time he stands up at the National Prayer Breakfast and says Jesus wants him to steal your money.

But I digress. We already know Obama can’t be trusted.

But what about Mitt? Specifically where is he on life issues?

In one of the numerous debates (I think the one where Newt decimated John King), Romney said, “I am pro-life. And the Massachusetts Citizens for Life and several other family-oriented groups wrote a letter two weeks ago and said they’d watched my record, that I was an avidly pro-life governor. I’m a pro-life governor. I am a pro-life individual.” [Fox News]

But that’s not his history, and this video is disturbing:

I am willing to believe candidates who say they have changed their position on abortion. And according to Romney, it happened sometime in the mid-2000s.

Is it enough for us to trust him on this issue? That’s a hard one to answer.

But I can’t be a single issue voter.

Just this week I answered a Facebook question about the three most important issues to me. Supposedly my beautiful face will be broadcast in Times Square with my answers. I chose: The Economy, The Debt and National Security.

I still believe Mitt’s our best bet (of those still in the running) to deal with those issues.

As much as the left will try to spin it otherwise, President Obama has been the worst President of our lifetime.

And I realize this divisive primary may very well have the GOP returning Obama to office. I have to cast my vote, and my support, where I think we have the best chance of preventing that.

So, as a Virginia voter, I have two choices: Romney and Paul. Santorum and Gingrich couldn’t mount the campaign needed to even get on our primary ballot. Gingrich has had that problem elsewhere. That ain’t no way to run a railroad, win an election, or govern a country.

But, my preferred candidate is.

And that’s got to be Mitt Romney.

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