Primary Voting in Virginia Just Got a Bit Easier

Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have qualified to be on Virginia’s GOP primary ballot in March.

Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry failed to gather enough signatures.

Michele Bachman, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman didn’t even try.

Norm Leahy says it best over at Bearing Drift: “The only two candidates who demonstrated that they were serious about contending for the White House were Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.”

Virginia has consistently been listed as a major battleground state for 2012. It’s a state Barack Obama has to win if he’s going to take back the White House.

And the George Allen vs. Tim Kaine race for the Senate will be one of the most watched, most expensive and most important Senate races in the country.

Five candidates should be announcing their intentions to drop out of the race this morning.

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