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As long as you’re not doing yardwork, you should read this stuff.

The Religious Test, Again
Hugh Hewitt

What a great country, to produce a religious liberty so robust and enduring that our public life is populated by strong and able personalities from left to right who both share religious beliefs and quarrel deeply over political matters as well as those who will never agree on theological issues but who regularly make common cause on political goals and candidates.

Romney may be the nominee. He’s not my first choice, but it’s not because he’s Mormon. We’re not electing a Pastor. We’re electing a President.

Obama’s Anti-Capitalist Nostrums Demoralizing to the Economy
Larry Kudlow, Real Clear Politics

Here’s the real silliness of all this. The Obama plan would permanently raise tax rates in order to pay for a temporary tax cut. In other words, taxes are going up, not down, as far as the eye can see under Obama’s program.

From Obamacare to Occupy Wall Street: A brief history of the Left and rent-a-non-English-speaking-protester
Michelle Malkin

Let’s review the Left’s standard practice of renting non-English-speaking protesters to represent the “grass-roots.”

I’m sure this has nothing to do with the center of the earthquake and the damage being in Eric Cantor’s district.

U.S. denies Va. request for aid after quake
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office announced Friday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency denied Virginia’s request to aid individuals who were affected by the magnitude-5.8 earthquake Aug. 23.

Born On This Day
1895 – Juan Perón, President of Argentina (d. 1974)
1920 – Frank Herbert, American writer (d. 1986)
1927 – Jim Elliot, American missionary (d. 1956)
1941 – Jesse Jackson, American clergyman and civil rights activist
1943 – Chevy Chase, American comedian and actor
1943 – R. L. Stine, American author
1949 – Sigourney Weaver, American actress
1964 – CeCe Winans, American singer
1970 – Matt Damon, American actor

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” ~ Richard Bach

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