Ali Akbar: Rick Perry is not a Racist

The increasingly irrelevant Washington Post tried their smear campaign of George Allen in 2006 with daily “macaca” stories.  Allen lost narrowly but is poised to return to the Senate in 2012.  By 2009, the public had caught on and when the Post wrote some 17 stories about Bob McDonnell’s thesis.  No one cared.

Now, they’re trying to take down Rick Perry by fabricating another smear.

Ali Akbar tells us why he knows Rick Perry isn’t a racist.

Anonymous sources tell me that the Washington Post is dying and that race-baiting might accomplish its two objectives: 1 destroy the right-of-center movement, and 2 sell newspapers. Anonymous!

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Rick Perry may not be my candidate (I haven’t decided yet).

But if the Washington Post hates him this much, I can’ t help but like him that much more.

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