10 Years Later. Has My Life Changed?

It was a common theme in our discussions following the events of September 11, 2001. Our world had changed forever. Life would never be the same.

In a sense, I suppose that’s true. We’ve spent billions and lost countless lives in two wars and other actions. Many of our freedoms have eroded in the name of safety.

But, are we as a whole, more aware, more conscious of terrorist threats today? Or have we, in the name of political correctness, lullled ourselves back to sleep, forgetting all along that there are indeed people out there who hate us and want to see us all dead?

I remember calling my wife when the news first broke. She was at home with our youngest, then just a little over a year old. Tonight, we helped him with his 6th grade Latin homework.

Our oldest was 12. He’s off at college tonight after a slow start, but he’s catching up. But I remember vividly when he came in from walking the dog and said “Dad, I heard an airplane.” After all in the first hours and days, air traffic was grounded. I assured him that, living as we did between DC and Norfolk, that he had heard a military aircraft.

Since that day, many things have changed in our lives. I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to, but still plan to. I’ve finished a seminary certificate and am nearing completion of another training program.

We also lost my father-in-law, and later after she lived with us for five years, lost my mother-in-law.

Our flag still flies frequently from the front out our house. And I’ve found myself much more actively involved in politics and public policy. Because, I believe it matters.

One thing for certain, that was confirmed over and over again at our worship this morning. There is one constant.

Jesus Christ is the same, yesteray, today and tomorrow. And as believers we know that even in the midst of loss, in the midst of a horrible tragedy like 9/11, we have a hope. We have a future.

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