No Way to Treat a Lady

Over at Bearing Drift, Shaun Kenney has an account of the latest tempest in the Tea Party, namely RedState’s Erick Erickson backing away from his endorsement of Jamie Radtke.

Of course, savvy readers will recall that way back in January I suggested that Jamie Radtke had an Erick Erickson problem.

But even I didn’t think it would get this nasty. Erickson writes: Jamie Radtke is not a victim. She’s a candidate. And clearly a bad one at that.

And in retaliation, the Radtke campaign spins their story to Ben Smith at Politico who writes: Publisher’s ‘social’ ties pushed RedState toward Allen

Of course Erickson clearly states he has no intention of supporting George Allen.

Jamie Radtke was a rising star. She may still be. But she’s gotten some incredibly bad advice during her campaign. And that’s a shame.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always been an Allen supporter. But I could have enthusiastically supported Radtke in another venue.

Kenney sums it up pretty well: Erickson feels burned, and for good reason…. and sadly, not because of anything Jamie Radtke directly did. But he’s not the only one, and there’s plenty of evidence to show that Jamie’s good name has been misappropriated and abused. So yes… when I speak of this race, I get angry about it, because Jamie deserves a hell of a lot better.


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