Dear Martin’s: It’s not me, it’s you.

If I can help it, I will never shop in a Martin’s supermarket again.

I wrote a long time ago that I do not fear the coming Ukropalypse.

I knew it was a business decision on the part of the Ukrop family. And I was fairly comfortable with the new management coming in.

Until they got here.

While in the grand scheme of things the stores don’t look that much different, well except for wine and beer and Sundays, there are many more problems.

The staff is rude and uniformed. The only reason we’ve had to keep going there was the continuance of Ukrop’s prepared foods.

Tonight, while I was at the pool, my wife went to pick up a few groceries. So she picked up a Ukrop’s chicken dinner. My wife often boasts that she hasn’t fried chicken since we moved to Richmond. And really, with Urkops chicken, why bother?

Thanks to KFC and Popeyes, she may still not need to get out the deep fryer, but I see little reason to go back to Martins.

Sure, the chicken was great.

But she told me there was no coleslaw with the meal because they no longer offer that as a side. That’s okay, I’m really the only one in the family who ever ate it.

Then I tried what was supposed to be succotash. The recipe has changed.

I realize taken by themselves these things might be trivial. But they’re just the latest in a long line of disappointments.

Oh, did I mention that they also forgot the bread? That, by the way, was an improvement from the last time when they smushed the bread down to pancake depth in a box under the sides.

Because of the convenience, my wife may choose to go back to Martin’s.

I’m done.

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