Not in My Back Yard

“Oui, monsieur, but that is not my yard.” ~ Inspector Clouseau (paraphrased)

Three weeks ago, I admitted that “The Old Gray Man, He Ain’t What He Used to Be” after getting overheated while trying to reclaim a long neglected yard.

Today is the first day I’ve had to be back out there since I’ve been traveling, okay visiting family and then sunning on the beach, for the better part of the last week and a half.

While we were gone, Richmond got some significant rain. So much so that it’s still too wet to mow this morning. So, I attacked some weeds in the driveway, launched a counter attack on Japan (or at least their beetles) and did some general picking up in the yard.

It’s a bit discouraging.

I know, I know. I keep telling myself that it’s going to take time to get this yard back in shape. My like the time that it’s taking to get me in shape.

But it’s frustrating that I spend so much time out there and make so little progress.

It’s frustrating that the best growth in the yard seems to be in the driveway. And now that the old dog thinks that’s his new restroom rather than heading out to the back woods, the growth there often gets fertilized before I can get out there with a shovel.

It’s frustrating that my tomato plants died, and that I may or may not have a cucumber growing. On that one, I think it’s the location of the square foot garden. It’s a logical place, but not the best place for sun. I either have to move it, or win the lottery so I can have $10,000 worth of tree work done.

In case you’re wondering, I prefer the latter.

so, I fight on.

I’ll get back out there either later today or tomorrow.

Or, next Saturday.

If it doesn’t rain.

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