Friday Morning Roundup

Happy Canada Day

Read all you want, I’m off to the beach.


The Third World Oscar Mayer Wiener
Erick Ericson, RedState
But another problem is shaping up on the floor of the United States Senate. Marco Rubio, who is rapidly becoming one of the most impassioned champions for opposing the debt ceiling increase, said that Barack Obama’s class warfare soliloquy was not the rhetoric of the President of the United States, but of a third world leader.
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Officials scramble to keep computers for deaf and blind
Richmond Times-Dispatch
This summer, the school plans to dump more than half of its 200 personal computers and consolidate the rest into computer labs for students and teachers to share, just to pay its IT bills.
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Barner Revealed as BD’s DCH
Bearing Drift
In conjunction with a professional transition, E M Barner has come out as “DCH,” an occasional contributor to Bearing Drift (BD), the leading conservative voice in the Virginia blogsphere.
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Born On This Day

1860 – Charles Goodyear, American inventor (b. 1800)
1894 – Allan Pinkerton, American private detective (b. 1819)
1896 – Harriet Beecher Stowe, American abolitionist and writer (b. 1811)
2000 – Walter Matthau, American actor (b. 1920)
2004 – Marlon Brando, American actor (b. 1924)
2009 – Karl Malden, American actor (b. 1912)

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