Tuesday Morning Roundup: Flag Day

Today is Flag Day. On this day in 1777, Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the United States Flag.

Ken Falkenstein at Bearing Drift live-blogged last night’s GOP debate: Nashua GOP Presidential Debate: Live Blog

Will the Buck Ever Stop on Obama’s Desk?
David Limbaugh, TownHall.com
Obama apparently has no plays in his playbook other than to call for more government intervention and further blame his predecessor. He believes economic growth can only be rekindled through government intervention at the direction of his band of central planners.
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Obama, where are those ‘hard truths’ you promised?
Washington Post Editorial
But when it comes to what has to be said and done for long-term fiscal responsibility, the president has chosen easier politics over harder truths.
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Powhatan’s LaCivita a political warrior on national stage
Richmond Times Dispatch
LaCivita’s aggressive style and successful record have made him a hero among Republicans and a villain to Democrats. But even those on the other side of the political divide hold a grudging respect.
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On this day in 1789, whiskey distilled from maize is first prodcuded by the Reverand Elijah Craig. Craig lived what is present day Bourbon County, Kentucky. But make no mistake, when Bourbon arrived on the scene, that scene was still Virginia.

Born on this Day

1811 – Harriet Beecher Stowe, American novelist and abolitionist (d. 1896)
1909 – Burl Ives, American musician (d. 1995)
1946 – Donald Trump, American businessman and entrepreneur

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