Fitness: Day 10

I think the move from the gym to the Wii Fit is going to work out. I was once again a bit delayed yesterday morning as this time the board needed new batteries. Fortunately, this time I knew where to find them.

I started slowly, did the walk/run, the rhythm step and the advanced step. I roughly managed to burn almost as many calories as I have in 45 minutes on the treadmill. And at home, other than a bit of house clutter, I don’t have the same issues as at the gym.

When school is out, I’ll also be back at the neighborhood pool in the afternoon. That’s good for the arthritis.

For now, this works.

One thing that didn’t quite work is that the Wii Fit has me weighing in a couple of pounds heavier than the gym scales. But the key thing is to show progress the next time I weigh in.

Has Wii Fit worked for you?

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