The One Where I Failed on Day 4


No, no, it’s not My Summer of Fitness. Although, admittedly, weekends are hard.

I also note that when is started this, I said that I must be out of my mind. It’s the 30 Days of Creativity.

Yesterday…I just forgot.

I like the concept. I like the inspiration. I like the feeling that I have to be doing something creative.

But I can’t keep up the pace.

I should’ve known better. I didn’t do well with the WordPress “post a day” challenge. At least not according to their posting prompts. Still, I’ve posted most every day.

And I guess on the creative side, I’ve written something every day. I wanted it, however, to be more of an art prompt. But I can’t do art every day.

Yesterday, by the time we got back from Kings Dominion, and by the time I’d posted about it and done my regular round of posting on other issues, I had completely forgotten about the challenge.

So, here’s the deal.

I’m going to endeavor to keep that creative edge. And I’m going to work at doing something artsy every day, as much as possible.

I’m just not keeping a list.

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