Fitness: Day 4 – Nasty Tricksey Scales

We hates them.

Okay, so sure it had only been 48 hours since I started my plan when I stepped on the scales again this morning. And sure, I was only up 0.02 lbs from yesterday. But, it was still the wrong direction.

I’m still not hearing the alarm at 5:00. I hear it by about 20 after, which is weird. So I’m rushed to get the reading and blogging done and make it in time to do a full hour on the treadmill.

And, the pool at the gym is still closed.

This week was a good start to getting back to the gym on a regular basis. Next week I have to make a stronger effort to work on the calorie intake. I started using the free app that came along with the Cardio Trainer app I’m using on the Droid. But it didn’t track calories, just that foods were good, okay, or bad.

I don’t know who designed the app, but cheese is not bad. Too much cheese is bad. But cheese itself is not evil.

In thinking about diet and nutrition, I found this article intriguing (thanks Fran):

Slow metabolism linked to longevity
Disease Proof
The goal here is to eat so healthy that it reduces your desire to overeat and reduces your metabolism slowly, so you can comfortably desire less food, though not get too thin.
Read more.

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