Monday Morning Roundup

Republicans line up for General Assembly seats, but few Democrats
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Five Republicans are seeking the nomination to run for the newly created 22nd District state Senate seat. Three are seeking the nomination to run for the 99th House District seat of a retiring Democrat. Five are running for the soon-to-be open seat in the 98th House District.
But where are the Democrats?
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Europe Becomes Obama’s Re-Election Campaign ‘Prop’
Pajamas Media
Obama’s six-day trip to Europe — high on style but low on substance — was far more about creating photo opportunities than it was about strengthening the transatlantic relationship.
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U.S. Military Personnel, Veterans Give Obama Lower Marks
PRINCETON, NJ — U.S. military veterans and those currently on active military duty are less likely to approve of President Obama’s job performance than are Americans of comparable ages who are not in the military.
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6 Things The Mainstream Media Would Say About Obama If He Were A Republican
John Hawkins,
Two separate sets of rules shape how politicians behave, how they’re perceived, and the issues that they spend most of their time talking about. In Barack Obama’s case, the media would be focusing on an entirely different set of issues if he were a Republican.
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Official ‘Hobbit’ dates and titles released
Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” movies have been given official release dates and titles. The first will open Dec. 14, 2012, as “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” and the second will be released on Dec. 13, 2013, as “The Hobbit: There and Back Again.”
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